Tickets for Welcome to Night Vale in Manchester arrived yesterday! revolutionaren and I can’t wait to go. :D

Hey WTNV fandom, who else is going??


Midna appreciation post - Hyrule Warriors style

Modestly Classy


Fuu/Ferio Week - “privacy”
Rated: Mature or Explicit, not sure, so I went with the latter.
Words: 3100, jfc
Summary: Ferio likes Fuu’s new dress.
Notes: yeah yeah it’s a tired trope but it’s what I’ve got with few plot bunnies and being rather rusty with smut.  the MKR fandom needs more smut, that’s all I’ve gotta say, guys.

“See something?” she asked.
His cheeks tinged red just the slightest bit. “Couple things.”
“I’m certain you’ve seen those before,” she said, raising her eyebrows and feeling her face flush.
“Not in this dress!

HOLY SHIT this was an amazing read. If I ever get to meet Suz irl she’s getting the biggest high five.

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Does anyone else like…

Play a fanfiction in their head

and it’s really good and keeps you occupied

but when you actually sit down to write it



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Despite what I said last night, I’m not gonna have time to make something for today’s prompt because I’m behind on revision for my exam. And I really want to do well at my degree. Maybe I’ll update my mega-fic when my exam is over to make up for it? 8D;;;

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gravity falls seems like one of those shows that kids who are like 8 years old right now will rewatch ten years down the road and go “what the fuck? this was fucked up. did this fuck me up? this probably fucked me up”

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Fuu/Ferio Week - Gift

Why yes I am going to post something every day this week. And yes it is all going to be hastily written and unedited. WHAT OF IT.





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